Music for studying during challenging times

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Nicolas Jean, MBA (Part-time 2020-22)

In this period full of uncertainties and daily challenges we have all developed ways to recharge our batteries, to escape. If confinement restricts our explorations in the physical world, it has the virtue of inviting us to a journey inward. More than ever, it is in this intimate space that we learn to build our resilience. Evidence of this is the recent development of the global meditation market.

Doing an MBA and having a demanding full-time job concurrently is a constant challenge. More busy than ever, our brain is pushed to its limits. It can sometimes become difficult to concentrate and keep a constant level of energy for studying. I know that it can be a challenge for me. Meditation can help to some extent, but to reap its benefits, it is a long-term endeavor. For my part, it is thanks to music that I manage to maintain the necessary focus. Music allows me to study in a calm environment, while still giving my brain mechanics a form of stimulation. Science has explored this potential of music.

Since starting the MBA program in January 2020, I have gotten into the habit of listening to a number of songs that help me get ‘in the zone’. There is undoubtedly a balance which must be found for everyone. In all humility, I take the liberty of sharing my playlist list called “Music to Study in Challenging Times”. What works for me is about 80% post-minimalist music with an eclectic 20% according to my tastes. All in random mode. A pretty good mix to keep you focused, punctuated with some stimulating musical breakthroughs:

For early-adopters, applications are already available on the market that generate music using our biometric and digital data. I recommend the application created by Endel, available on all IOS and Android platforms. Soundscapes of the future…Enjoy! 

“Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.”



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