MBA Games 2020

MBA Games 2020

The MBA Games is an annual national competition bringing together hundreds of students from 15 – 20 MBA programs across Canada. The Games are played in three major categories: athletics, spirit, and business case competitions. For the 2020 Games, taking place January 3 – 5 2020 at DeGroote School of Business in Hamilton, ON, HEC is sending a delegation of approximately 40 students to represent our school.


The events taking place are basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, and e-sports.


Competitions include a group dance, video, charity, and a mystery event.

Case Comp

Four subjects over two days require that HEC send four teams: strategy, finance, marketing, and wildcard.


We are delighted to thank our sponsors for the MBA Games 2020 –

  1. Foundation HEC Montreal
  2. HEC Montreal


Seeking Sponsors

Interested in sponsoring HEC at the MBA Games? Join us before November 30th, 2019, and we’ll feature your logo on our jerseys. For more information or to see our sponsorship package, please contact Malloreigh Hamilton, VP Academic Affairs, at

Registration for the 2020 MBA Games delegation is open until November 14th, 2019, after which we can take no additional participants. Students are responsible for paying a portion of their ticket fee and for fundraising for any shortfall not covered by the AEMBA. Uniforms, meals, accommodation, and transportation to and from Hamilton, ON will be included in costs.

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