Health Tips from Sarah – Edition 3

This week Sarah shares tips to stay hydrated and how to monitor your posture for those long work/study hours.

Get creative to drink more water!

Not drinking enough water?

Here are a few things you can add to your glass to motivate to you to hydrate more often:

Lemon and/or lime

Cucumber & mint leaves

Strawberries & basil leaves

Orange slices

Frozen berries 

Work/Study Posture & Positioning

For more details about good ergonomics and how to adjust your posture: (English explanation) (French only)

Do try these and let us know what you think at

Photo of Sarah Feldhammer Sarah is a full-time MBA student at HEC Montréal. Previously, she worked as a physiotherapist and personal trainer. Even though she is now exploring new endeavors in the business world, she sticks to her values of eating well and staying active. She is here to share some easy tips and tricks on a weekly basis!

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