FAQ – New Student

In order to better inform new students about the different activities offered during the MBA, the AEMBA has identified and answered some FAQs.

What’s the AEMBA? What is your role in the student life?


The HEC Montreal MBA Students’ Association’s (AEMBA) role is to represent the student body and be the point of contact between the students and the administration. In addition to that, the AEMBA plans different events for students ranging from social (lots of karaoke!) to professional (networking and speaker series). The main goal of the AEMBA is to enhance student life and encourage participation throughout an intensive academic year.

Simon Dandavino, AEMBA President 2017-18


What are “clubs”?


Clubs provide an opportunity for MBA students to enhance their MBA experience around common interests. Club activities can include sharing of knowledge among MBA students or guest speakers from the Montreal business community. Club activities are an excellent platform for learning and networking, giving other student leaders an opportunity to demonstrate their initiative and enthusiasm.


Hassan El Ouehabi, VP Corporate Affairs 2017-18


What are the MBA Games? What is needed for HEC to participate?


The MBA Games are a great opportunity for students to showcase their knowledge and to represent their school with honor. Every year, over 500 students from 20 different Canadian universities meet for three days of competition. The MBA Games include four case competitions, four sports competitions and team spirits events such as the opening ceremony dance and mystery events. But participating in the MBA Games is much more than just three days with little sleep, it’s a chance to spend time with your team mates training and building networks and friendships that will last way past the end of the MBA program. So hope on board and help Team HEC win the next MBA Games!


Etienne Lareau and Meng Guan, director MBA Games 2018


What’s the CSR Competition of HEC and how is it organized?


The HEC Corporate Responsibility Challenge is a two-day case competition. We host MBAs from across Canada as they provide solutions that will advance the role business leaders can play in contributing to the betterment of their communities. We use the event to solve actual cases written specifically for HEC Montréal. It’s also a great way to network and socialize with MBAs from all over!

My role as VP-CSR is to head the organizing committee and find corporate sponsors to ensure a successful event. It is a ton of work, but nothing has been more rewarding than working with my team and our partners as we look forward to throwing a great event in February 2018!

Yi Quan, VP CSR 2017-18


What’s Campus Abroad? Why should I participate?


It’s an amazing opportunity to experience and learn about another country’s business environment! To meet new people, exchange experiences and create new relationships. To see how things can be done differently.

There will probably be only one Campus Abroad opportunity in your lifetime. You will travel with a small group of your colleagues and have this amazing chance to know them better and create strong bonds. And if you think it’s expensive, I just have to say “money can be made, experiences can’t be bought”.

Jean Gagnon, China Campus 2016 participant


What’s a case competition? What can you learn from it?


Participating in case competitions is definitely a great opportunity during the academic career, and the MBA program promotes participation in some of the most prestigious competitions. It is definitely an opportunity to put theory into practice. How exactly does it work? The purpose of case competitions is to analyze a real business situation within a given period of time in order to issue recommendations, usually in the form of a presentation before a jury. However, each competition has its own particularities, its “trademark”: specialized in a field or general, with a preparation in closed rooms or on your personal time, with or without the use of internet etc. There is something for every taste.

You will definitely come out with an improved strategic vision that will help you particularly in your case studies in class 😉 . Among other things, you will have the opportunity to learn how to work as a team under pressure, to improve your communicator skills and to synthesize complex information.

Finally, to participate in a case competition creates tons of memories, meetings with international teams, animated networking evenings, parties, and maybe even unexpected employment opportunities.

I recommend it to all!

Marjolaine Bergeron, John Molson International Case Competition 2016 participant


If you have any further questions, you can contact our VP Communication at the following address: communications@hecaemba.org