AEMBA Elections 2021 – Announcing the candidates…

Nous sommes heureux de dévoiler les candidat.e.s aux différents postes au sein du conseil des étudiant.e.s, AEMBA 2021-2022. Au total, nous avons reçu 15 17 candidatures au cours des derniers jours.

The candidates will have a chance to campaign until the election day next week culminating in a 2-minute speech during the General Assembly session on Sept 28.

We invite you to check out the candidate posters and find an opportunity to meet the candidates and get to know them better before you make your voting decisions.


Edline has also requested us to share a small video which you can check out at this URL:

VP Part Time

General Secretary/VP Operations

VP Communications & IT


VP Finance

VP Student Life

VP Corporate Affairs

VP Academic Affairs


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