AEMBA Executive Team

Our Mission

To provide added-value to the program through sustainable initiatives that promote professional growth and engagement in the MBA student body.

Our Team


Edline Siméon

President |

''For an HEC where networking and job opportunities are brought to the forefront. Above all, for an equal MBA experience across all cohorts''

  • Ensure cohesion between all MBA cohorts
  • Represent MBA students with HEC administrators
  • Act as the HEC Montreal MBA ambassador internal and external to HEC
  • Promote student involvement
  • Effectively manage team of VPs and directors



Mohamed-Ibrahim El-Houadi

Vice-President, Operations & General Secretary |

"My role as VP operations is managing the overall resources and operations of the association to bring added value to the students in parallel with the MBA program."

  • AEMBA Internal management
  • Preparation of activities and projects
  • Executive follow-up of current activities and projects
  • Communications to members and external stakeholders
  • Represent MBA students with HEC administrators
  • Ensure cohesion between all MBA cohorts

Steven Caine


Vice-President, Communications & IT | |

  • Manage all platforms of communication (newsletter, website, social media, etc)
  • Supervise internal and external communication campaigns
  • Provide IT support and tools to facilitate AEMBA activities (surveys,livestream, online payment)
  • Maintain offline and digital AEMBA assets (web site, file sharing, accounts)

Paul Clavère

Vice-President Part-Time Cohort |

''I work in concert with the program directors as well as the student association to ensure each student receives the best experience possible.''

  • Represent students from the part-time MBA cohorts, their interests and issues affecting them
  • Coordinate a team of representatives from the part-time cohorts with the goal of creating events that improve cohesion between all full-time and part-time students
  • Attend the AEMBA Student Council meetings
  • Share relevant information between the AEMBA and the part-time cohorts
  • Bring issues faced by the students of the part-time MBA to the AEMBA and find appropriate solutions

Cyril Marchi

Vice-President, Finance |

''As VP Finance of the association, my role will be to maintain the financial health of our organization at all times, maximize the revenue source, and manage the expenses so that every student can maximize their MBA experience at HEC Montreal'' .

  • Prepare and manage budget with VPs and club presidents
  • Bookkeeping and asset management
  • Approve expenses and Issue Invoices/receipts upon request
  • Issue Invoices/receipts upon request
  • Follow up on project reporting and reimbursement
  • Oversee financing activities
  • Prepare and contribute to end-of-year audit

Ricardo Jordan

Vice-President, Académic Affairs |

  • Representing students before the MBA program management and professors
  • Identify academic competitions and support students participating in them
  • Organize the MBA Games delegation
  • Encompass all other activities and clubs to bring forth the improvement of academic activities.
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Emma Francoeur

Vice-president, Corporate Affairs |

  • Ensure synergy between the HEC clubs in organizing events
  • Set up and coordinate networking activities
  • Ensure follow up with career management
  • Represent the MBA students on future career perspectives
  • Act as the point of contact for entreprises and other partners.

Valérie Dulude

Vice-Presidente CSR |

"This year, in addition to the annual tasks attributable to the VP, I will specifically highlight the independence of the organizing committee of the CSR challenge and make sure to promote the event and the winners on the international sphere. I will also be available to discuss CSR issues in a more global way if you are interested and to set up initiatives within HEC."
  • Lead the organizing committee to prepare, produce and develop the CSR Challenge, Canada's largest independent case competition focused on CSR and sustainability
  • Lead the annual CSR Challenge case writing competition—an international competition awarding first and second place
  • Prepare and attend CSR Challenge Advisory Committee meetings as Vice-Chair
  • Improve and develop the CSR Challenge and the CSR Challenge Case Writing Competition in ways that increase international exposure and reputation

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