AEMBA Executive Team

Our Mission

To provide added-value to the program through sustainable initiatives that promote professional growth and engagement in the MBA student body.

Our Team

Photo of Fatiha Ghazi

Fatiha Ghazi

President |

  • Ensure cohesion between all MBA cohorts
  • Represent MBA students with HEC administrators
  • Act as the HEC Montreal MBA ambassador internal and external to HEC
  • Promote student involvement
  • Effectively manage team of VPs and directors


Lyna El-Joundi

Secretary General and Vice-President, Operations |

  • Assist the president in coordinating all the activities of the association
  • Ensure the follow-up of the association's projects
  • Organize official meetings and assemblies
Photo de Manoj Subramaniam

Manoj Subramaniam

Vice-President, Communications & IT | |

  • Manage all platforms of communication (newsletter, website, social media, etc)
  • Supervise internal and external communication campaigns
  • Provide IT support and tools to facilitate AEMBA activities (surveys,livestream, online payment)
  • Maintain offline and digital AEMBA assets (web site, file sharing, accounts)

Marie-Michelle Côté

Vice-president, Part-time Cohorts |

  • Represent students from the part-time MBA cohorts, their interests and issues affecting them
  • Coordinate a team of representatives from the part-time cohorts with the goal of creating events that improve cohesion between all full-time and part-time students
  • Attend the AEMBA Student Council meetings
  • Share relevant information between the AEMBA and the part-time cohorts
  • Bring issues faced by the students of the part-time MBA to the AEMBA and find appropriate solutions
christian sonfack

Christian-Ulrich Sonfack-Kenfack

Vice-President, Finance |

  • Prepare and manage budget with VPs and club presidents
  • Bookkeeping and asset management
  • Approve expenses and Issue Invoices/receipts upon request
  • Issue Invoices/receipts upon request
  • Follow up on project reporting and reimbursement
  • Oversee financing activities
  • Prepare and contribute to end-of-year audit

Fun fact about me: I have done the tallest bungee jumping in the world in cape town

photo de Harshit Srivastava

Harshit Srivastava

Vice-President, Académic Affairs |

  • Representing students before the MBA program management and professors
  • Identify academic competitions and support students participating in them
  • Organize the MBA Games delegation
  • Supervise all other activities and clubs leading to the improvement of academic performance

Justine Levesque

Vice-president, Corporate Affairs |

  • Assure cohesion within HEC’s clubs to organize events
  • Maintain links with the career management service
  • Set up and coordinate networking activities
  • Represent the MBA students on future career perspectives
  • Act as a point of contact for enterprises
Photo of Michael Touchton

Michael Touchton

Vice-President, CSR |

  • Lead the organizing committee to prepare, produce and develop the CSR Challenge, Canada's largest independent case competition focused on CSR and sustainability
  • Lead the annual CSR Challenge case writing competition—an international competition awarding first and second place
  • Prepare and attend CSR Challenge Advisory Committee meetings as Vice-Chair
  • Improve and develop the CSR Challenge and the CSR Challenge Case Writing Competition in ways that increase international exposure and reputation

Emilija Nikolic

Vice-President, Student Life |

  • Organize social activities (5 à 7, family and cultural events)
  • Inter-networking events with other organisations (MBA Schools, etc.)
  • Supervise planning and execution of prom and other major events (holiday party, end of session, etc.)
  • Promote inclusion and cohesion between all cohorts

Organisational Chart

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