Appreciation Wall







« Thank you Michael Bou Fadel for hosting an additional accounting session prior to our exams. Your style of explanation was so clear and easy, it made such a difference! » – Anonymous


« I wanted to thank the members of corporate affairs Who Worked hard for the speed-meetings, the photographer as well as the small lunch groups That Were reliable to perform.
I thank Especially Mr. THIAUX Victorian who is always listening, if available!
A real eminence grise! Thank you!
An admire! « – anonymous


« Thank you François Huynh for all the help you bring to the class. I have never met someone so humble and patient. You are always ready to help others in calm and good humor!
Bravo and thank you « – anonymous 

« Mille mercis François pour ton aide précieuse, de ta générosité et du temps que tu nous as accordé, tu fais preuve de beaucoup de patience et de pédagogie !!  » anonymous 

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