Why an MBA? Why HEC Montréal?

To take up a challenge! Businesses, companies and organizations are universes in which I did not know much, but I wanted to be able to contribute! The MBA seemed the perfect opportunity to meet this desire, as well as meeting diverse and knowledge-rich people. Montreal is my city and I wanted to stay there for my MBA. To be able to do it in French was simply the cherry on the sundae!

Tell us a bit about your career before the MBA.

I work as a psychologist in a family medicine group as part of a multidisciplinary team. I therefore prevent and treat mental health problems and offer clinical supervision. I also have a passion for teaching. Since the end of my PhD, I have taught psychology at the University of Montreal.

Describe your ideal job in 5 words.

Stimulating, Creative, Innovative, Relational, Autonomy

In 20 years, what would your professional title be?


Which MBA course has been your favorite so far?

Economics. This first module awakened in me my Cartesian side that had been drowsy since I entered the social sciences.

Where was your most memorable trip?

I loved my trip to Ireland. The scenery is breathtaking, the people are very friendly and the temperature is always as fresh as I like! All this without mentioning Guinness!

Do you have any advice for future MBA students?

Be prepared to get totally involved! The program offers so much opportunity, as much social as professional, that it would be a pity not to make yourself available!

Tell us about your favorite place in Montreal.

The Botanical Garden. It is a real gem. The areas are always quiet, the gardens perfectly maintained. In the summer, the happy hours offer live entertainment and are perfect for relaxing and feeling like you’re on vacation.

Cat or Dog?

One of each!