Why an MBA? Why HEC Montréal?

From the day I graduated from bachelors of computer science, I knew I wanted to do an MBA! I did not like computer science and wanted to do a career shift to business. Part of my degree was taking the core business classes and I knew I enjoyed them and wanted to learn and develop more. It was also a good time in my career to take a break and develop my soft skills. Why HEC? Well I decided in 2006 that doing an MBA is one of my goals and I knew I wanted to do it in HEC, given the reputation, the ranking and the accreditations. Given that I have studied all my life in Anglophone schools, I wanted to experience something different and study in a French school and improve my French language. Finally, finishing a good MBA in one-year is a great thing

Tell us about your career before the MBA.

I moved to Kuwait and did a career shift into finance after graduating from Computer Science at Concordia. I worked in finance consultancy at a multi-national firm. At that time I decided to become a CFA Charterholder to learn and build credibility in the new field. After two years in consultancy, I switched to an investment company where I worked as a buy-side equity analyst for 6 years then a portfolio manager for a year, managing mutual funds and investments of high net worth individuals.

Ramen or pho?

Mac or PC ?

Where was your most memorable trip? ?

Tanzania where I spent half the trip on the beach in Zanzibar and the other half doing a safari in national parks, camping and sleeping in tents in tropical forests!

What are the most important characteristics of an employer for you?

Encouraging development and progression, work/life balance, team environment, some flexibility in the hours, fairness

What advice would you give your 18-year old self?  

Travel and have as much fun as possible! No reason to be serious, life gets tougher and tougher later on. Now is the time to have fun!

Tell us about your favorite restaurant in Montreal.

Schwartz. I love smoked meat!

When you are not studying for the MBA, what do you usually do?

Taking care of my two monkeys! date night with my husband, watching my favorite tv shows, going out with friends, reading, planning for my next trip.