Corporate Affairs

Gonzalo Coloma
Vice-President of Corporate Affairs |

▪ Bridge the gap between the CMS and the students
▪ Act as student voice when it comes to career
▪ Create, produce and coordinate career-related initiatives
▪ Be the main point of contact for enterprises
▪ Managecareer-related clubs


Carine Doufodji
Director, Corporate Affairs
Laurent Therrien
Director, Corporate Affairs
Simarpal Singh Randhawa
Director, Finance Club
Laura Herrera
Director, Entrepreneurship Club
Paul Mattson
Director, Artificial Intelligence Club
Virginie Bourgeois
Director, Women in Business Club
Imran-Ahmad Khan
Director, Sports Club
Guillaume Néron-Grondin
Director, Council Club
Rey Chua
Director, Innovation Club
Naveen Chalotra
Director, Marketing Club
Jessica Drolet
Director, Arts Club