Meet the students of the HEC Montréal MBA


Why an MBA? Why HEC Montréal?

The analytical capabilities of engineers are highly valued in the business world, but it is also imperative to include other qualitative aspects that we do not have the chance to learn with an engineering degree. As an electrical engineer by training, I decided to do an MBA to expand my knowledge in different areas of business and develop a transverse dimension of the business world. I chose HEC Montreal for its excellent reputation, its faculty and its program structure.

Tell us a bit about your career before the MBA.
I always knew that a purely technical vocation would not fulfill me. Following my graduation, I thus oriented myself to a position where management was predominant. I was fortunate to be selected as part of Bell Canada’s Leadership Program. In three years I was able to occupy four positions in operations management, from strategic planning to managing a team of technicians. After the program, I decided to get out of my comfort zone by accepting a position in financial analysis. So I forged my experience with a diversified path, which allowed me to become a very flexible person and taught me to master different subjects and business segments.

Which MBA course has been your favorite so far?
Cooperation and conflict, specifically the psychological dimension of the course. It is very interesting to study the various types of destructive leaders and to understand the dynamics that develop around them.

Game of Thrones or House of Cards ?
Game of Thrones because it is the women who are leading the way! Between young Arya able to compete against the greatest warriors, and Daenerys who is leaving to conquer the seven kingdoms, and all these other women of power in the series, we can only be inspired.

iPhone or Android ?

What was your most memorable trip?
Berlin, its history, its diversity and mix of cultures. Definitely one of the most dynamic cities I’ve visited.

What advice would you give to future MBA students?
Get involved, network and get to know the paths of other students. An MBA program is primarily a network of talented professionals from whose experiences you learn a lot. We must take advantage of this!

Tell us about your favorite place in Montréal.
I hesitate between the Mile End for its artistic personality and Old Port for its perfect mix of history and modernity.

Tell When you are not studying for the MBA, what do you usually do?
Work, volunteering, dance, family and friends. I have a very busy life but I am among those who believe that the busier a person is, the more productive he or she is. The secret is to knowing how to manage one’s time!