Meet the students of the HEC Montréal MBA

Frédéric Mélançon

Why an MBA? Why HEC Montréal?

An MBA to better understand the relationships between the different spheres of a company, to perfect my analytical mind, to develop my capacity to concentrate on essential elements. In short, to improve my performance. I chose HEC Montréal for the condensed 1-year program and for its leading reputation in the market. I also now have the occassion to take the blue line!

Tell us a bit about your career before the MBA.
I have about a dozen years of local and international experience in product management, commercialisation and business development. I’ve distinguished myself by my career path abroad – most notably in Switzerland, Australia, China, Spain and the United States.

Describe your ideal job in five words.
Commercialisation of innovative/stimulating products.

What was your most memorable trip?
My sabbatical year around the world in 2015-2016 with my girlfriend. A crazy 12-month spree from the south of Spain to New Zealand, passing by Scandinavia, Russia and the Trans-Siberian, Mongolia, China, and a good part in Southeast Asia with a mountain conquest in northern Vietnam by motorcycle, and of course a hop to Australia. Just WOW!

What advice would you give to future MBA students?
Go discover the world, before or after the MBA, but just go! This is not a leap into nothing, rather a leap into life. During the MBA, learn to manage your time and choose your battles. 

Tell us about your favorite place in Montréal.
At home, my courtyard, my green alley, mon neighborhood : Villeray.

Cat or dog?
Dog, definitely dog.

When you are not studying for the MBA, what do you usually do ?
Conquering Montréal with my girl, on our gleaming Vespa!