Why an MBA? Why HEC Montréal?

After a DESS in Sustainable Development, I wanted to go further in order to genuinely influence the progress of an organization and have more responsabilities. I also wanted to learn and give myself new challenges. Why HEC Montreal? Because I loved studying there during my DESS. And also because HEC Montreal offers one of the best MBAs in Canada!

Tell us a bit about your career before the MBA.

For 15 years, I have been working in the field of communications. My Speciality? Extend complex topics to communicate them in a simple and impactful way, in order to better mobilize and align teams around corporate strategy.

Describe your ideal job in 5 words.

Novelty / Team / Responsibility / Impact / Fun!

Game of Thrones or House of Cards ?

Game of Thrones!  Without hesitation. I have rarely seen a series that is more and more exciting as it advances in time. 

Where was your most memorable trip?

A trip to India, discovering Ladakh. A ride on the roof of a tank truck in the Himalayas left me with a remarkable memory. Rajasthan and Varanasi were also exceptional discoveries.  Otherwise, I am a fan of Morocco, where my wife’s family is from. We go there as often as possible but not enough in our opinion.

Do you have any advice for future MBA students?

>The MBA is a marathon. Do not go too fast! And do not hesitate to share your experience with others. That is what makes the MBA.

Tell us about your favorite place in Montreal.

Lafontaine Park, in the Plateau Mont-Royal. Between May and October, it’s incredible to see just how many people are there for a whole host of activities : picnics, volleyball, baseball, soccer, pétanque, sunbathing, reading… Every time I go there for a moment, I tell myself that I will never leave Montreal!

When not studying, what do you usually do?

I read stories to my five-year old daughter.