Rencontre avec les étudiants du MBA de HEC Montréal

headshot_carloWhy an MBA? Why HEC Montréal?

An MBA to supplement my engineering degree and commercial work experience with deeper business understanding and stronger leadership skills. I’m driven to improve performance and efficiency, and I know the MBA is the perfect tool to increase my capabilities in achieving these aims in the best and most responsible ways possible.

HEC Montreal for the structure of the program, its excellent reputation both in Quebec and abroad, its strong alumni network, and the chance it provides to take some of the elective courses in French!

Tell us a bit about your career before the MBA.

After graduation I took up a technical post but quickly realized that a commercial career would better suit my skills and aspirations. Soon afterwards I joined the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) company Petrofac’s graduate program in Dubai where I did a rotation through their Supply Chain department. I worked in Proposals where I was involved in costing many projects through MENA and Europe regions, in Purchasing where I negotiated and concluded strategic orders with different suppliers worldwide and in Expediting where I worked actively with suppliers to monitor and improve their performance and delivery schedules. It has been a great experience and I can’t wait to make my next career move after the MBA!

Describe your ideal job in 5 words.

Strategy Implementation through Operational Excellence

Game of Thrones or House of Cards ?

While House of Cards has great story and characters, Game of Thrones provides above and over that a fascinating environment which is so pleasing to look at and experience.

In 20 years, what will be your official job title?

Head of Operations and Supply Chain Management for an innovative, sustainable and global business.

iPhone or Android?

iPhone hands down. I’ve been using iPhone for the last 7 years except for two months where I switched to Android before hurriedly going back to iPhone. Never again 🙂

Where was your most memorable trip?

A trip to Istanbul two years ago. The authenticity, multilayered culture and to-die-for food I experienced in the city would surely take me back there many times more!

Do you have any advice for future MBA students?

Challenge yourselves because it is the only way to grow. It may be unpleasant in the beginning but it would prove extremely valuable in hindsight.

Tell us about your favorite place in Montreal.

Café Aunja on Sherbrooke. Probably the coziest coffee shop I’ve ever known.

Cats or dogs?

Cats of course, but only if my partner would allow one! She was clear in saying “either the cat or me”, and though the cat was here first I chose her!

When not studying, what do you usually do?

Taking photos in the beautiful streets of Montreal or reading a book while sipping black coffee!